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  • Koi Algae Treatment

For koi, cold water fish and ponds

1. Works well against adhesive algae and phytoplankton such as: brush
    algae, beard algae, thread algae, brown algae, slime algae and red algae. 
2.Early alga prevention for new water plants.
3.Harmless to fish and water plants if used as directed.
4.Prohibits the alga problems thoroughly when using in succession.

1. Have 30% water change.
2. Add 10ml per 200 liters of water.
3. Add once every 24 hours, three successive times.
4. After treatment, change 30% of water and remove dead algae.
5. Shake it well before use, and pour it near the outlet of filter.
6. Maintain proper aeration will make the treatment more effectively.
7. After using, close the bottle tightly and store it in the shadow.
    Don’t expose the bottle to sunlight directly.
8. One full cap is equal to 20 ml.

Periodically using:
1. Add 5ml per 200 liters of water once a week.
2. Maintain proper aeration will make it more effectively.



4000 ml


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