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  • Koi Auto Recycle

For koi, cold water fish and ponds

1. AZOO KOI AUTO RECYCLE is made from selected excellent bacteria,
    which can purify the water condition of a pond with huge amount of
    waste products effectively.
2. Decomposes organic substances, nitrite, nitrate and poisonous hydrogen
    sulfide in water and gravel.
3. Add it periodically will become the excellent bacteria, which can
    inhibits the growth of pathogenic microorganisms.
4. Contains more than 109 active photosynthetic bacteria per milliliter.

Directions for use:
1. Add 100ml per 500 liters of water when setting up a new tank
2. Regular water change: Add 50 ml per 500 liters of water.
3. Periodically: Add 50 ml per 500 liters of water.
4. Shake it well before use, and pour it near the outlet of filter.
5. After using, close the bottle tightly and store it in the shadow.
    Don’t expose the bottle to sunlight directly.
6. One full cap is equal to 20 ml.



1000 ml


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